This won’t hurt a bit!

Hypodermic Needle

So, I’ve been really nervous about New Zealand.

I hope it is like my annual flu shot from a couple weeks ago.  When I was sitting in the waiting room, full of anticipation, I was sweating and anxious.  The idea of getting the shot was terrifying until it happened – then it didn’t hurt a bit!

Just like that, my flu shot was over before I knew it… I’m sure I will say the same about my semester abroad.

don’t panic! it’s just a dream

I dreamt that I was tricked into leaving for my study abroad trip early and after I arrived I realized that I didn’t pack anything that I needed!  I went on to have a vivid and odd dream where I ultimately forgot about my ‘necessary’ belongings, as I didn’t seem to need them to have a great time after all.

I’m a little less afraid about packing lightly for my 5 months abroad. 🙂

Empty campus… New beginnings

Here I am, again, elaborating another draft.. this one from over a month ago!

So, I stayed at my University campus this past summer.  I took a class, worked in a research lab, and assisted incoming students during their Summer Transition, Advising, and Registration program.  The STAR program lasted for 4ish weeks and I got about 4-5 hours of sleep each night (I would say because I was up late doing homework, but really I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend after he got off work).  Staying up late comes naturally to me, while waking up around 5:30am every day does NOT!

Any-who… campus was generally peaceful.  Not very many students compared to during the year, and different summer program attendees would come and go.

With the fall semester approaching all too quickly, I could almost see the blur of those new students I had helped, finding their way the first week of class.  Students making the grades and students lost in life.  I reminisced about my first year in college.  Every day felt like a life-time. I was putting effort into so many relationships, trying to figure out who were the true friends that would stay with me through the years.  I am so happy to still have some of these people by my side.  However, there was much disappointment in the process of figuring out who to trust.

Even more distressful was trying to figure out who I was.  I believe that I am different today than just 2 years ago, and I will continue to grow as I move forward in life.  But those first few months (where I was pretending to be an adult when I had no idea what I was doing…) truly allowed me to establish my core values and learn how to make decisions on my own.

One of the great things about college is being able to relive that fresh start each semester.  With new courses and new goals.  This third year of college brings overwhelming new beginnings for me as I am applying for an exchange program at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for Spring 2014 (Term I in NZ).  I have never been more nerv-cited … EVER. (PS: be prepared for overuse of my blended nervous/excited term)  I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me and my frequently updated blog (I promise I will get better! haha!).

One day, when I am settled for a while, done with school and have a career (hopefully!) I may have to look back on this post and remind myself to do some traveling or change my daily routine.  Whether it is something small or crazy-nervciting, It is refreshing to have a new beginning; a new experience that may even alter your perspective.

Just as expected…

So I found a draft from June 5th (about 2 months ago… ONE day after committing myself to this blog)

I’m ready to quit on blogging already… I spent a good portion of my thoughts today on things that I might write about

I couldn’t even finish it! Wow.

I’m going to take some pressure off myself and just post more freely. I’m not going to read over my posts a million times trying to perfect them before they’re published. I may not start out as a great writer (without solid content nor quality vocabulary, grammar, and flow), but I can only improve with practice.

It’s Not Impossible – Ben Sollee


I haven’t been listening to music very much lately. And when I have, only to a very limited selection from my music collection. I try to download all of my friends music onto my own laptop so I can diversify my ears, but lately iTunes has had cobwebs appearing all over the poor un-touched album art. Tonight I stumbled across this song. It makes me feel happy.

The First Post of Many

I have begun and abandoned multiple blogs.  When I was young, I would write short stories and get so carried away that they would become novels – well… only the first chapters. (woops!)  No doubt I was into different forms of journalism.  When I was in elementary school, I got permission to print out a monthly magazine consisting of submissions from all of my classmates! It had an advice column, crosswords and student written news articles.  Even younger, I developed a PSA about the harmful environmental effects of chemicals in aerosol cans and handed them out to my neighbors, suggesting that they should purchase spray bottles instead. (cute, right?)

More recently, I keep returning to the idea of blogging & vlogging, broadcasting my life & interests, and I think I’m finally ready to stick with it.  It’s surprising actually, because I’m very dedicated when it comes to school, work, extra-curricular organizations, and my personal relationships.

Soooo!.. I am going to commit myself to this blog, even if I falter.  I hope that as my readership grows that you all will help to inspire me and hold me accountable.

Thanks for reading,